Governor Patrick Visits Newton's Lab

On Wednesday, Governor Deval Patrick today visited Newton Public Schools’ Innovation Lab to see firsthand how collaboration between education and industry in the classroom is helping improve student success. The Patrick-Murray Administration has demonstrated a tremendous commitment to promoting innovation in education to ensure that all students are achieving at high levels, and the Innovation Lab offers students the opportunity to reach their full potential through hands-on and applied learning.

“We can't lead in the global economy without preparing tomorrows innovators,” said Governor Patrick. “The creativity and ingenuity I have seen today gives me great confidence in our future as a Commonwealth.” 

Opened in December 2010, Newton’s Innovation Lab located at Newton North High School provides an opportunity for students to gain the knowledge and skills they will need to compete in the 21st century workforce through educational experiences aimed at linking students with the world around them. The lab is designed to be a place where educators, students, businesses and community stakeholders come together to form ideas and projects that will create solutions for the social, economic and environmental challenges of tomorrow.

During today’s visit, the Governor had the opportunity to see firsthand some of the student-lead projects taking place at the lab including partnership projects with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to convert algae into fuel, with Whole Foods to turn unwanted grocery bags into everything from outdoor grill covers to wallets and with “Save that Stuff” and Legal Sea Foods to convert used cooking grease into fuel.

“I was honored to welcome Governor Patrick to Newton this morning and was delighted that he had a chance to tour Newton North High School’s Innovation Lab,” said Newton Mayor Setti Warren. “The lab is consistent with Governor Patrick’s vision for innovative learning, renewable energy and job creation. The Innovation Lab provides students with the opportunity to partner with numerous businesses and non-profit organizations, and preparing them for the 21st century job market, and demonstrates once again that Newton is leading the commonwealth in innovative learning in our public schools.”

“As a champion of educational excellence, Governor Patrick once said 'We need a renaissance of innovation in education, a period of intense experimentation.' Newton's Lab heard that call and created one of the first K-12 innovation labs,” said Stefano Chinosi, Chief Innovation Officer and Director of the Innovation Lab. “We are prepared and ready to be part of the solutions that will help renovate education across the Commonwealth. We are proud to host the Governor to showcase the collaborative efforts that inspire our student's ingenuity.”

The Patrick-Murray Administration is working on a number of initiatives to keep Massachusetts at the forefront of the nation’s innovation economy. Through the Governor’s $1 billion commitment to the life sciences and the Administration’s support of one of the best innovation economies in the world, businesses in Massachusetts are offering interesting, creative career options and forging new frontiers in their industries. 

The Administration has developed an aggressive STEM Plan focusing on strengthening science, technology, engineering and math curriculum in schools, and  helping connect academic and business leaders with students to increase exposure to role models in these careers and expand internship possibilities for students interested in these fields.

Through the Mass It’s All Here campaign, the Administration has created an online home that brings students together with Massachusetts businesses, non-profits and government agencies seeking internships.

Together, these strategies and educational programs like Newton’s Lab and the Greengineers are building a stronger Commonwealth and laying the framework for an educational system that prepares students with the adaptive and creative skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing workplace and global economy.