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NNHS InvenTeamThe World Health Organization deemed 2011-2020 the Decade of Action for Road Safety, and noted that road traffic injuries are one of the top three leading causes of death for ages 5-44 in developing countries. In 2004, road traffic injuries resulted in more than 1.27 million deaths, which is almost equal to the number of deaths caused by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined.

Recently, Winnie, the Communications Leader, gave a speech at Natick High School concerning how we, the NNHS InvenTeam, are dealing with this issue. Please watch the video to get a sense of the urgency of this Decade of Action.

To create awareness, we would like this message to go viral. After you watch the video, please spread the word by forwarding this message to as many of your family, friends, and associates:

Each time someone watches the video, we have a better chance of creating awareness around the world.

College Planning Guide

The Newton North College Planning Guide is designed to help both students and parents/guardians navigate the nuts and bolts as well as the subtleties of the college process. As with anything in life, the process of applying to college is as much about planning and preparation as it is about patience and persistence.

At Newton North, we understand that students take different paths after they graduate. Based on the fact that the majority of Newton North graduates go on to some form of post-secondary education, the Counseling Department felt that it would be helpful to students and parents/guardians to have a comprehensive written guide pertaining to the college search and application process.

This guide is a supplement to the direct and personal support given by the Newton North guidance counselors and college counselors in the College and Career Center through individual and group meetings, discussions and presentations. 

Below are the various languages the guide is available:


Chinese Traditional

Chinese Simplified


Korean part 1

Korean part 2

Korean part 3

The 2014-2015 Information Booklet is now available.

It has information about the beginning of schools, letters from the principal and housemasters and much more.

Click here!

Dear North families:

I am writing to you sitting on a plane returning from a very quick visit to our sister school in Guanajuato, Mexico.  I sit here reflecting on the amazing experiences I had over the last three days, and wanted to take a moment to give you all a glimpse into my magical trip to the capital of Mexican independence.

I left Thursday morning from the annual Newton principals institute in Hull, MA.   A quick (but rough) ferry boat ride later, I arrived at Logan headed first to Houston and then to Mexico.  To be honest, at the time I was lamenting my decision to spend my professional development funds this year to visit a few of our sister schools.  Given my tight schedule, I was only able to go for two days, and I was questioning whether the trip was really going to be worth it.  Frankly, I was also worried about the safety of traveling to Mexico.

Well, it was worth it and more.   I arrived in Guanajuato late Thursday night and was greeted by Rosa, the exchange teacher from La Prepa in Guanajuato and Nancy Marrinucci, our very own World Language department chair.   Within minutes of clearing customs, I was whisked away to an authentic Mexican dinner in Guanajuato, a city alive with music, vibrant colors and friendly people.   After dinner we roamed the cobblestone streets looking at the colonial architecture, the stunning churches, and listening to La Estudiantina playing and singing traditional Mexican music, while roaming the streets.  I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the city carved into a mountain that I had to ask Rosa and Nancy to make sure I did not hit anyone or anything, because I was spending the entire time looking up.   


Secretary Malone at NNHS(reprinted from the Newton Patch)

Malone, who grew up in Newton Upper Falls, visited his alma mater Monday morning--just a few hours before he was sworn into office. The newly-appointed secretary of education toured classrooms and talked with teachers about closing achievement gaps. [Read More]


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