o      Attendance will be recorded daily:

§       Monday, during C-block

§       Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, during homeroom

§       Friday, during B-block.

o      If a student is going to be absent or tardy, a parent or guardian should call the house office before school in the morning to inform us.  This call will be logged.  If a parent or guardian calls the house office to inform us of a student absence, a note from home will no longer be required.  However, on the day the student returns, the student should report to the house office and pick up their attendance slip.

o      If a student is recorded as absent and no phone call has been received from home, a phone call will be placed to the student's home informing the family that the student is not in school.


o      A parent or guardian should call the house office informing us that the student will be late with the expected time of arrival.

o      Students arriving late will still need a note with the time of arrival.  They should report to the house office with the note.  Do not bring the note to the teacher.

o      Students arriving late without a note should go directly to class.  The house office will not provide a note when this occurs.



o      When students are leaving school early, a note from home must be brought to the house office, a dismissal slip will be provided by the house secretary.  If you do not get a dismissal slip prior to leaving the school, your absence will be considered unexcused.

o      If you are ill, the school nurse should dismiss you.


Please bring all notes to the house office.  If the secretary is unavailable, you may drop the note off in the box that will be provided.  Please be sure your name, the date and the time of arrival are written clearly across the top.  Thank you for your cooperation.